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Research, creativity and experience create technologies to support new ideas. In order to meet actual needs, we would like to introduce you a new culture of innovation. Tangible, measurable and accessible.
The quality of design meets engineering in software developed to engage users and connect people. Business relations evolve following the most natural path: collaboration enriches collective knowledge.
Experience means to us solutions shared with our clients. To make easier what now is complex, together.
Technological innovation is real.


In Nautes, we distinguish ourselves by our software design conceived as a veritable exercise in style, with a clear reference to the concept of Made in Italy.
Marco Gialletti, CEO & Founder
Software products for business
A smart organisational model is possible
Social Management
Nautes.SM è la piattaforma organizzativa che utilizza obiettivi chiari e misurabili, strutturati per team di progetto che lavorano in maniera dinamica.
Nautes.SM is the organisational platform focusing on clear and measurable goals structured by project teams, which work in a dynamic way.
Learning Management
Nautes.LM è la piattaforma di apprendimento a distanza, fruibile via web e via mobile, che consente di delineare percorsi formativi personalizzati.
Nautes.LM is the platform for e-learning, accessible via web and mobile, through which custom training courses can be defined.

Nautes.TS è la piattaforma di Knowledge Management per minimizzare i tempi decisionali con la codifica di best practice e la definizione di percorsi diagnostici.
Nautes.TS is the Knowledge Management platform, which reduces time for decision-making process by codifying best practices and defining diagnostic processes.

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Are you interested in challenges in the high-tech field?
The projects we are developing in Nautes apply technologies in the most innovative way, seizing the opportunity to deliver new software solutions. Beautiful, valuable and easy-to-use.
To meet our clients’ requirements, we rely on the wealth of competencies of all the members involved in the project group. Each one can learn from the others’ experiences, everybody can improve.Our strength is a multidisciplinary team: each skill contributes to the successful delivery of projects.
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